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My person

I am a passionated manager, alpinist, climber, photographer and backpacker, who tries to spend as much time as possible outside Vienna, where I work and live. I travelled many countries throughout the world, knowing that what I was able to experience and see is only a very small part for better understanding how people in the world live. But this small part makes a great difference to me and to my life as it enriches me, relativates my needs and opens my mind, soul and heart for other people. More than 7 billion people live on our planet and I am just one of them. How good to realise, how good to travel!


My passion

Beside of alpinism and climbing travelling is what gives my life that extra something I love individual solo travelling with little things in my backpack, no laptop and very often no concrete plans. Thats the absolute opposite to all other things I do when not travelling. My calendar is full with things to do, every day is planned through. Time for inhaling the adventure, the difference to what I am used to, everyday experiencing something new about myself, others, countries, cultures, the nature. What I am doing is nothing special, thousands and millions of people do it everyday. However, each single trip changes my view on things, my attitute and my personality a little bit, makes it wider, calmes me down, gives me an impression of what might be important for a good and happy life.


That's what I would like to share, my passion, my impressions, my feelings. All these emotions compose my pictures. Pictures right coming out of the lens, no photoshop, nothing else, just the moment I experienced. To be precise, somethimes the Microsoft basic photo editor software helps me to get rid of dirt on my pictures, aligning photos or doing other simple changes.


My pictures

I started with photography in 2002 in Australia. For several years I worked with a semi-automatic Minolta, 28-80 mm AF lens.  From 2004 onwards I used a Canon EOS 30, an analog camera, but in 2009 I finally decided to switch to a digital camera. My film rolls were always the most valuable cargo. Not so good experiences in Central America caused the fear that they could be stolen on one of my trips and of course, stips of negatives are very sensitive - they often got scratched after several times of processing pictures. Unitl 2014 I was working with a Canon 50D, then for just a short period of time I worked with a Canon 6D and as it got damaged only after 3 years I use since the end of 2017 a Canon 5D MARK IV.